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Friday, September 9, 2022 11:59:41 AM

All League fees are due 9/10/2022!




 All players who have not paid their registration fee will be uneligble and games will be forfieted if you are caught with playing with an unregistered player.

All fees must be paid by the due date to be eligible for playoff games and to continue league play. 




Monday, August 29, 2022 4:32:02 PM

Week 3 Suspensions

Jalen Summers

Joe Summers

Kendrick Mackey 

Friday, August 19, 2022 5:01:48 PM




  •  The offensive team will have 4 downs to achieve a first down.

  • A first down is achieved by crossing the 25 yard line. Red line to white line to red line. (3 first downs throughout the field) 

  • Glass wall is Out of Bounds and Not in play. (Using the wall as leverage to gain advantage or catching the ball off the wall)..  

  • Team areas- all coaches and players must be inside the players respective benches.

  • All rosters are final after the 3rd game: max roster is 12 players 

  •  All players must have played in 3 regular season games to be eligible for playoff games  

  •  All jerseys must be tucked into pants. Any player whose jersey is covering their flag or flags that are worn backwards will be penalized for flag guarding. 

  •  Players may wear cleats or turf shoes.  

  • The game clock will start at the designated time. Any team without four (4) players at their designated game time will be given a 5 minute grace period. If the minimum number of players arrive, the game will begin with the late team penalized 10 points. Otherwise, the game will be forfeited (Forfeit Fee $25) and the score will be recorded at 10-0.

  • Forfeit fee, $25/game (48 – hour notice to league director, can alleviate forfeit fee and offer an opportunity to reschedule, no guarantees, but we will try)



  • Players may use fill in players only to meet the format minimum

    • $25/ Game, No more than 2 games a day. (4 Game Max)

    • Can’t use it for playoff games.

    • Can’t use registered players.

    • Players can not play on two teams. ( Registered players only)

Start of game:

  • The referee will flip a coin, heads or tails to be called in the air by the guest Team Captain. The winning team will choose one of the following options:

    • Choice of offense or defense

    • Choice of end zone to start the game

  • Possession and offense shall be the reverse as indicated by the coin toss at the start of the 2nd half.

  • Play will begin at the 10-yard line of the team with possession.

How teams are formed:

  • A Team Captain signs up the Team just paying for him or herself and providing a list of players expected to be on the Team, but each player is responsible for paying for themselves through Team registration.

  • Team Captains may also sign up and pay for the entire team at once, but each player is required to register for the team individually (Complete individual paperwork).

  • Free Agents (individuals without a team) will be placed on  teams by order of when they sign up.

  • Different ways to sign up:

    • Players may sign up as a free agent

      • Join by yourself as a free agent and let us place you on a team that needs players.

    • Players may sign up as a small group (small group/friends)

      • Join with a group of friends if you don't have enough people for a full team, and be placed together on a team that needs players, (Joining an existing team or another small group).


  •  All punts are declared.  

  • Punts will result in the ball being placed at the opposite side of the field.

    •  o Ball spotted at the hash mark 10yd

Extra Points: 

  •  Extra Point options:  A 5-yard conversion shall count for 1 point (1st Dot). A 10-yard conversion shall count for 2 points (2nd Dot).A 20-yard conversion shall count for 3 points (3rd Dot)

  • Defense may intercept the ball and run it back for 2 points. 

  • A "safety" counts for 2 points.

    • A safety will be scored if a player is:

  • Tagged down in their own endzone.

  • Snaps the ball out of the endzone.

  • If the offense fumbles the ball in their own endzone.

Rules About the Clock:

  • Game consists of two 20 minute halves with a stopped clock in the last 2 minutes of the SECOND half. NFL timekeeping will be utilized in that minute. Clock will stop on incomplete passes, out of bounds, scoring, change of possessions, and time outs. No clock stoppage if the score is 21 points or more difference (Mercy Rule). 

  • Clock will stop to assess a penalty in the last minute of the game if the mercy rule is not in effect, however the clock will start once the penalty has been assessed and the ball is set and ready to play. 

  • 25 seconds play clock is in effect throughout the entire game. 

  • Each team will have 3 timeouts to utilize per game. Timeouts are used just to stop clock, play clock resumes for next play right away. 

  • Half time is 2 minutes long.

    • Tie Games (PLAY-OFFS ONLY): 

  • NFL Style overtime rules apply. Each team gets an opportunity to possess the ball from midfield with 4 downs to score. 

    • If, after both teams possess the ball and no one scores on the first possession, the game becomes sudden death. 

    • Interceptions can be returned for touchdowns 

    • No game clock (Play Clock still enforced) 

Special Rules: 

  • QB has 7 seconds to throw ball or run past line of scrimmage. 

    •  One official should be counting aloud so players can hear.

  • Offense must have 3 players on the line of scrimmage.

    • o One official should be counting aloud so players can hear.

  • The ball is dead where it hits the ground. No Fumbles. 

  •  Offensive players must allow clear path to QB for rushing defender

    •  Results in illegal contact penalty 

    • If defensive player deviates from straight path to initiate contact, penalty is on defender 

    • Defender cannot initiate contact  

  •   If a player inadvertently loses a flag or belt, he is down when he is touched with one hand.

  •  All players must have flags on and worn correctly on each hip.

  •   No diving to advance the ball forward when in possession.  

  • Players cannot become airborne at any time while in possession of the ball (no hurdle).  

  • Ball carrier is down when the ball touches the ground.  

  • Inadvertent whistles: play is blown dead. Ball is spotted at most forward foot or replay of the down. 

  •  Ball is spotted where the ball is not where the flag was pulled at.

  •  For a touchdown, the ball must break the plane.  


  •  Team Captain is the only player who can approach the referee with any issues that may arise. If confronting an official, do so in a calm and collected manner. If a player besides team captain confronts an official they will be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Equipment & Uniforms: 

  • Cleats or turf shoes may be worn   

Offensive Rules: 

  • 5 v 5 - Quarterback, Center, and three wide receivers  

  • Must have 3 players on the line of scrimmage including center  

  • All offensive players are considered eligible receivers 

  • The quarterback CANNOT run with the ball over the line of scrimmage unless being rushed by the defense. If there is no rush the quarterback MUST remain behind the line of scrimmage.

  • A quarterback may toss it backwards as a lateral to a teammate. That player may then make a forward pass. 

  •  Once the ball is caught or run past the line of scrimmage all offensive players must stop; no form of blocking allowed. Downfield players should have hands at their sides 

  •  If an offensive player in possession of the ball comes in contact with the field walls, play is dead. (ruled as if player runs out of bounds)  

  • Offensive player(s) must not impede the progress of the defensive rusher at any point.

Defensive Rules: 

  • Defender must line up a minimum of 5 yards  off the line of scrimmage to be eligible to rush the quarterback.

    •  Defenders within 5 yd rush zone may rush in once ball is handed off, thrown forward at any point, or pitched behind the line of scrimmage

  • No slapping at the ball when it is in the ball carrier’s hands. PENALTY: Unsportsmanlike Conduct- 5 yards & automatic 1st down 

  • The defender cannot use contact to break up a pass. PENALTY: Illegal Contact- 5 yards & automatic 1st down  

  • There is no jamming/contact/tackling at any point.

  •   Don’t make contact with the passer above his waist under any circumstances. GO FOR HIS FLAG. PENALTY: 5 yards & automatic 1st down.

  •   No defensive holding. PENALTY: 5 yards from the end of the run OR 5 yards from the line of scrimmage and repeat down. 

  •  No tackling. PENALTY: 10 yards and the play. 

  •  No pushing ball carrier “out of bounds” PENALTY: roughing – 5 yards & automatic 1st down.  

  • Pushing or forcibly engaging a player into the boards will result in automatic game ejection and unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

  •   Rusher(s) must have a clear path to the QB when rushing. 

    •  Players running routes cannot come into contact with eligible rushers at any point

Guarding the Flag Belt:

  • Runners shall not flag guard using their hands, arms, or the ball to deny the opportunity for an opponent to pull the flag. PENALTY: 5

  •  Yards and loss of down.

Flag Guarding includes:

  • Swinging the hand or arm over the flag to prevent an opponent from de-flagging. 

  • Placing the ball in possession over the flag to prevent an opponent from de-flagging  

  • Lowering the shoulders in such a manner that the defender is shielded from the flag 

  • Holding the flag or belt with the off hand 

  •  Stiff arming or running directly into the defender (bullying) carries a 5 yard penalty and loss of down. 

  •  Inverted flags are an unsportsmanlike foul, 5 yards from previous spot & loss of down 


  •  5 yard penalties include: (motion, off sides, encroachment, defensive holding, flag guarding) 

  •  5 yard penalties include: (illegal block, illegal contact)  

  • 5 yard penalties include: (roughing the passer, unsportsmanlike conduct)  Head referee can overturn calls by the other officials. Verbal abuse of the officials will not be tolerated. WE WILL HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY ON THAT MATTER. LEAGUE FINES AND/OR SUSPENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN.  

  • Fighting will not be tolerated. If 1 player from your team is involved in a skirmish, he will immediately be ejected from the game. If 2 or more players are involved in a skirmish/wrestling or shoving match, then the entire team will be ejected from the game. In both cases it would be up to the league administrators to decide what the proper punishment would be. Punishment will automatically result in minimum 3 week suspension. 

  •  If any player/coach bumps/assaults/or contacts a referee or league administrator, his team will forfeit all remaining games and all money will be forfeited as a result of the action. 

  •  Racial and religious remarks will not be tolerated. Players guilty will be ejected immediately.  

  • We reserve the right to suspend any player or team for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Playoffs/ Seeding:

  • Playoffs will follow the last week of the regular season and will be single elimination.

  • Teams will be seeded based upon their winning percentage throughout the season. Only the top 4 teams will advance to the playoffs as long as they are not in violation of the forfeit policy. *Note:  Depending on how many teams sign up.

*Refund Policy: In the event that a league is canceled, and only if it is canceled due to insufficient sign-ups, customers will receive a complete refund.

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